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Massage Treatments Catalog

Sale price$108.00
Sculpt Detox Massage

– lymphatic drainage
– eliminates toxins, bloating & swelling in the body
– improves blood circulation

Maderotherapy Massage

– wood therapy massage
– repetitive movements with a dozen different implements
– loosens tight restricted muscles, stimulates lymphatic drainage,
– breaks down cellulite, burns fat & tones

Fit Fix 100

Best paired with Maderotherapy
– Eliminate toxins, bloating and sweating it all out.
– You will be cocooned in a specialized bag then heal is applied.
– Just lay back and relax while your body naturally shrinks.
$90 (1-hour)

Stone Massage

Relaxing and soothing muscular tension at the same time. It is the application during massage therapy of deep penetrating heat that reduces water retention and stimulates circulation, with heated stones, using different temperatures on the body to create relaxation and stimulate healing. Perfect for balancing all levels of emotional, mental and physical energies.

Couples Massage

The harmony of couples massage, a pleasant sensation of warmth and the sweet smell of candles bestow an absolute feeling of well-being, stimulating your each and every sense. Two massotherapists make this massage a uniquely involving experience. An exclusive treatment, totally absorbing and unforgettably exciting treatment to get you back in tune with yourself.

Massage Treatments Catalog
Massage Treatments Catalog Sale price$108.00