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Facial Treatments Catalog

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Indulge, rejuvenate and relax your skin with our luxury facial treatments that are customized to your skin. Advanced anti-aging ingredients that repair damaged skin.

Oxygen Facial

“Oxygen Facial”, has been a revolution in the professional skincare market. For the first time offering a crossover treatment which validates the relaxation and pampering aspects of the services while delivering dramatic instant results with no down time.

Holistic Facial

A face lift facial that uses rose quartz stones as well as cupping. This facial allows your body to activate its natural healing abilities, encourages collagen production, drain inflammation, sculpt and tone face. Perfect facial for those with tmj and migraines.


Microdermabrasion treatment does deep exfoliation, helps reduce fine lines, age spots, hyper pigmentation, sun damage scars, while encouraging new cell rejuvenation and gives the skin a youthful appearance.

Chemical Peel / Superfacial

Chemical peels are classified as superficial improves skin texture and firmness, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Peels also even out skin tone, improve acne-prone skin and reduce pore size appearance.

Facial Treatments Catalog
Facial Treatments Catalog Sale price$206.00