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#9 Teen Package

Sale price$140.00


Teen Facial, Nail Polish Renewal & Toe Nail Renewal (2 Hrs)

Elegance Unveiled: A 2-Hour Glamour Retreat

Embark on a refined journey of indulgence with our exclusive Elegance Unveiled package at Pure Day Spa. This curated experience, spanning 2 hours, is a harmonious blend of relaxation and transformation, featuring the luxurious Teen Facial, Nail Polish Renewal, and Toe Nail Renewal.

Package Highlights:

- **Teen Facial:**
- Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating essence of our exclusive Teen Facial.
Experience a skincare ritual designed to unveil your skin's natural radiance.

- Nail Polish Renewal:
- Elevate your style with a burst of color and precision in our Nail Polish Renewal.
Ensure your nails reflect the elegance you deserve.

- Toe Nail Renewal:
- Treat your feet to a revitalizing experience with our expert Toe Nail Renewal.
Revel in the meticulous care given to your toes, leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Benefits of the Elegance Unveiled Package:

- Timeless Radiance:
- Rediscover a timeless radiance with the transformative effects of the Teen Facial.

- Polished Elegance:
- Enhance your overall elegance with perfectly renewed nails and toe nails.

- Holistic Rejuvenation:
- Immerse yourself in a holistic rejuvenation experience that revitalizes both face and feet.

Pure Day Spa invites you into a world of luxury with a comprehensive 2-hour retreat designed to exceed expectations. Immerse yourself in our Elegance Unveiled package, where sophistication meets transformation, and every moment is crafted for your delight. Book your retreat and experience the epitome of spa luxury.

#9 Teen Package
#9 Teen Package Sale price$140.00