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Permanent Makeup

Elevate your features with Permanent Makeup (PMU) at Pure Day Spa. Our certified PMU artist uses the Art-liner micro-pigmentation device for natural-looking eyebrows, accentuated eyeliner, and softly defined lips, enhancing your beauty with a touch of permanence.

Permanent Makeup (PMU) (Micro-pigmentation) Prices

Procedure Price
Consultation $  25
Eyebrows $450 - $650
Eyeliner upper $600
Eyeliner lower $200
Lips $550
Touch-ups From $150 - $300


Permanent Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement

A precise line is applied through the lash line creating the illusion of longer lashes. Very natural looking. A velvet eyeliner effect which can be drawn to your specifications for a more dramatic look.
10-day healing
Last 3-5 years

 Permanent Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement Prices

Procedure Price
2 hours $550
Touch-ups $150