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Massage Price Catalog

Massage Service Price
PURE Healing Hot Stone Massage (50min) $108
PURE Aroma Massage (50min) $90
Pre-natal Massage (50min) $87
Therapeutic Massage - Full Body (50min) $89
Therapeutic Massage - Neck, Shoulders and Back (25min) $57
Reflexology Feet $82
Reflexology Hand $55
Indian Head Massage (25min) $62
Couples Massage (available Dougal location only) Price upon request

Reiki Healing Massage 

Massage Service Price
Reiki Healing Massage (50 min) $82
Reiki Healing Massage (30 min) $52
Sculpt Detox Massage
  • lymphatic drainage
  • eliminates toxins, bloating & swelling in the body
  • improves blood circulation
Massage Service Price

Sculpt Detox Massage (1 hour)

Sculpt Detox Massage (30 min)


$ 57

Maderotherapy Massage
  • – wood therapy massage
  • – repetitive movements with a dozen different implements
  • – loosens tight restricted muscles, stimulates lymphatic drainage,
  • – breaks down cellulite, burns fat & tones
Massage Service Price
Maderotherapy Massage (1 hour) $107
Fit Fix 100 (Best paired with Maderotherapy)
  •  Eliminate toxins, bloating and sweating it all out.
  • You will be cocooned in a specialized bag and then heal is applied.
  • Just lay back and relax while your body naturally shrinks.
Massage Service Price
Fit Fix 100 (1 hour) $99
European Massage (call for pricing)
Embrace the tranquility of a classical European massage, promoting deep relaxation and vital energy. This ritual harmonizes energy, enhancing overall well-being. Experience intense moisturization, improved elasticity, and a refreshing feel with our anti-aging collagen and hyaluronic acid treatment. Elevate your relaxation journey.
Hot Stone Massage (call for pricing)
Indulge in a soothing massage that melts away tension. Our therapy combines deep heat, reducing water retention and enhancing circulation with heated stones. Experience relaxation and healing as different temperatures harmonize with your body. Ideal for balancing emotional, mental, and physical energies.
Styled Colored Frame
Couples Massage (call for pricing Windsor - Amherstburg locations only)
Immerse in the harmonious world of couples massage. Delightful blend of warmth and the soothing scent of candles, offering a profound sense of well-being that engages all your senses. With two massage therapists, this exclusive and captivating experience brings you back in tune with yourself. Indulge in an unforgettable journey of shared relaxation and excitement.