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Valmont Priming with a Hydrating Fluid

Sale price$205.00

Embark on a journey to luminous, flawless skin with Valmont Priming with a Hydrating Fluid. Crafted with precision and expertise, this hydrating primer sets the stage for a radiant complexion, ensuring your makeup stays fresh and flawless all day long.


  • Hydrating Powerhouse: Infused with potent hydrating ingredients, this fluid nourishes the skin, providing a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  • Pore Minimization: Minimizes the appearance of pores, creating a refined and even skin texture for a flawless makeup finish.
  • Makeup Longevity: Extends the wear-time of your makeup, keeping it fresh and vibrant throughout the day without caking or fading.
  • Radiance Boost: Enhances skin luminosity, imparting a natural glow that shines through your makeup.
  • Lightweight Formula: Features a lightweight, non-greasy texture that effortlessly glides onto the skin, ensuring comfort and ease of application.
  • Skin Protection: Provides a protective barrier against environmental stressors, helping to shield the skin from damage and premature aging.
    Size 150 ml

    Valmont Priming with a Hydrating Fluid
    Valmont Priming with a Hydrating Fluid Sale price$205.00